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Lắp ráp tại: China By Cambridge Audio

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Azur 851C bao gồm một máy nghe nhạc CD công nghệ kỹ thuật số để chuyển đổi tín hiệu tương tự và một preamp, nó cân bằng XLR và đầu ra âm thanh RCA. Vì vậy, bất kể định dạng đầu vào nào của bạn, 851C được thiết kế để trích xuất âm thanh chất lượng tuyệt vời nhất có thể.


851C bao gồm các thành phần :

  • Hỗ trợ phát lại CD bởi 1 yếu tố đầu vào kĩ thuật số
  • Kỹ thuật số để chuyển đổi tín hiệu tương tự bằng cách sử dụng Analog 24-bit DAC
  • Bộ khuếch đại công suất lớn



 851C có thể kết nối với bất cứ thứ gì ! Kết nối với TV, PC,  các dòng iPhone / iPad của bạn để tối đa hóa chất lượng âm thanh của chúng. Hoặc chơi các file nhạc của bạn thông qua cổng USB audio cho phép phát âm thanh  24-bit / 192kHz từ máy tính.


Our unique ATF2 (Adaptive Time Filtering) upsampling technology was developed in conjunction with Anagram Technologies in Switzerland.

All incoming audio data, such as CD quality 16-bit/44.1kHz, is upsampled to 24-bit/384kHz using a high-end 32-bit Analog Devices DSP (Digital Signal Processor). "Polynomial Curve Fitting Interpolation" provides a much more accurate upsampled audio soundwave than traditional upsampling processes. And a unique timing system buffers audio data to almost eradicate digital jitter. Vital – as jitter, common in digital audio devices, loses vital detail, often leaving digital audio sounding flat and lifeless.


Our latest ATF2 DSP also features a selectable digital filter with three settings to suit listener preferences and your particular system set-up:

• The steep roll-off filter exhibits strong attenuation of aliasing images outside the pass band (i.e. above 22.05kHz) at the expense of a little pre and post-ringing in the time domain.

• The linear phase filter uniquely features ‘constant group delay’ which delays all audio signals at all frequencies by the same amount meaning all audio is fully time-coherent at the output.

• Minimum phase meanwhile does not feature constant group delay but rather the co-efficients have been optimised without feed-forward so that the impulse response exhibits no pre-ringing in the time domain.


Particular attention has also been paid to the 851Cs casework, which combines massive structural rigidity, careful damping and control of acoustic resonance. Both inside and out, the 851C and matching 851A have all the hallmarks of high-end thoroughbreds.

  • Digital to analogue convertersDual Analog Devices AD1955 24-bit DACs
  • Digital filterAnalog Devices Black Fin ADSP-BF532 32 bit DSP performing 2nd Generation ATF2 upsampling to 24-bit/384kHz. Linear Phase, Minimum phase or Steep modes.
  • Analogue filter2 Pole Fully Differential Linear Phase Bessel filter
  • Digital input 1S/PDIF 75 Ohms or TosLink optical
  • Digital input 2S/PDIF 75 Ohms or TosLink optical
  • AES/EBU inputXLR balanced 110 Ohms per phase
  • USB audio inputUSB Type B conforming to Audio profile 1.0 or 2.0 (user selectable)
  • Audio outputsBalanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analogue audio outputs
  • CompatibilityUSB 1.0 16-24 bit, 32-96kHz 
    USB 2.0 16-24 bit, 32-192kHz 
    TosLink 16-24 bit, 32-96kHz 
    S/PDIF and AES/EBU 16-24 bits 32-192kHz 
    CD playback is intrinsically limited to 16-bits 44.1kHz
  • THD (unweighted) @ 1kHhz 0dBFs< 0.0004%
  • THD (unweighted) @ 1kHz -10dBFs< 0.0004%
  • THD (unweighted) @ 20kHz 0dBFs< 0.0007%
  • IMD (19/20kHz) 0dBFs< 0.0002%
  • Linearity @ -90dBFs+/- 0.2dB
  • Linearity @ -120dBF+/- 0.4dB
  • Stop-band rejection (>24kHz)> 120dB
  • S/N ratio (ref 1w)> 113dB
  • Total correlated jitter< 60pS for all digital inputs, CD playback and USB 2.0 
    < 180pS for USB 1.0
  • Crosstalk @1kHz< -130dB
  • Crosstalk @20 kHz< -114dB
  • Output impedance< 50 Ohms
  • 0dB Fs output2.2Vrms (2.2Vrms each phase for the balanced output)
  • Max. power consumption40W
  • Idle consumption8W
  • Standby power consumption<0.5W
  • ColourBlack or silver
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)430 x 115 x 360mm (16.9 x 4.5 x 14.7”)
  • Weight10.0Kg (22lbs)