Loa AAP Audio RX618S

Mã sản phẩm:  RX618S

Hãng:  AAP Audio

Thương hiệu:  USA

Lắp ráp tại: China By AAP Audio

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Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

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Loa Karaoke AAP Audio RX618S

The compact Blackline RX618S sub bass system has been designed to be 
used with F12+ and F15+ full-range systems to extend and increase the 
total low frequency output power.

The RX618S provides good bass punch with extended sub bass output from a 
new long excursion,18"460mm/4"100mm voice coil driver with a water resistant
cone and triple roll surround.

The RX618S is provided with a top hat fitting that can be used to pole mount 
an RX612 or RX136 above the enclosure.


1. Compact vented sub-bass
2. Direct radiating 18” (460mm) driver
3. High temperature 4” (100mm) voice coil
4. Large ports ensure low air noise
5. Top hat fitting for pole mounting RX612/RX613


1. Live club performance
2. Club installs
3. AV presentations

System Type: Compact, vented sub-bass system
Frequency Range: 40Hz - 120Hz ±3db.
LF Driver: 18" (460mm)/4" (100mm) voice coil LF driver
HF Driver: /
Power: 750W AES, 1500W peak
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Maximum SPL: 130.5dB continuous, 136.5dB peak (half space)
Sensitivity: 102dB (half space)
Horizontal: /
Vertical: /
Connection: 2xNeutrik NL4. 
Input: Input: 1+,1-, Link:2+,2-.
Enclosure Construction: Trapezoid, 18 mm, plywood.
painting: Rugged durable finish.
Dimensions: 560(W)x595(D)x6900(H)mm.
Weight: 45Kg.