Loa AAP Audio RX628S

Mã sản phẩm:  RX628S

Hãng:  AAP Audio

Thương hiệu:  USA

Lắp ráp tại: China By AAP Audio

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Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

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Loa Karaoke AAP Audio RX628S

The powerful RX628S sub bass system has been designed to be used with large scale RX612 and RX613 systems to extend and increase the total low frequency output power.

It can also be used as the low frequency section of a bi amped or tri amped ARCS system.The RX628S provides good bass punch with extended sub bass output from two new, long excursion, 18" 460mm/4"100mm voice coil drivers with water resistant cones and triple roll surrounds.

System Type: Dual-driver, vented sub-bass system
Frequency Range: 35Hz - 150Hz ±3db.
LF Driver: 2 x 18" (460mm)/4"(100mm) voice coil LF drivers
HF Driver: /
Power: 1500W AES, 3000W peak
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Maximum SPL: 136.5dB continuous, 142.5dB peak (half space)
Sensitivity: 105dB (half space)
Horizontal: /
Vertical: /
Connection: 2xNeutrik NL4. 
Input: Input: 1+,1-, Link:2+,2-.
Enclosure Construction: Trapezoid, 18 mm+25 mm, plywood.
painting: Rugged durable finish.
Dimensions: 560(W)x780(D)x1066(H)mm.
Weight: 87Kg.