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Đầu Bluray Denon DBT-3313UD

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Đầu Bluray Denon DBT-3313UD, chơi đĩa Bluray cực hay và rất chuyên nghiệp.


Đầu phát đa năng 3D, Bluray,DVD,CD, DVD-A, SACD, kết nối network Đầu phát DBT-3313UD đa năng, tương thích Bluray 3D, DVD, DVD-A, SACD, trang bị Network, truy cập Youtube. Ngõ cắm Denon Link, kết nối với Receiver cao cấp AVR-3313 hoặc AVR-4520 cho âm thanh tốt hơn.

Thông số kỹ thuật

 Universal Disc Playability
(Blu-ray, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Super Audio CD, CD)
• DLNA 1.5 Support and fr ont USB portfor music, photo, video content playback

Denon Technologies for superior sound and picture quality
• New digital signal transmission capability when connected
with a Denon AVR featuring the new Denon Link HD (*2)
• “A/V Pure Direct”, for separated output of audio and video
from the HDMI port (Equipped with 2 HDMI output ports)
• 1080p/24 video output, to bring out the full quality of film
• HDMI source direct mode to output native r esolution of the disc
• Picture adjustments
• Playing high-quality audio, using by pur e direct function

Build Quality
• Solid Cosmetic Design Matching to the new Denon A/V Receivers
-Aluminum front panel
-Rigid chassis and cabinet (dual layer on top and triple layer on bottom)
• Fully Shielded SVH loader mechanism cover ed by aluminum top panel
and twin shafts, suppresses internal and external vibrations and electromagnetic
noises for high precision disc playability at all times
• Dual-layer top cover and triple-layer bottom cover constructi on,
to protect sound quality from vibration
• 5-block construction for thorough protection from mutual interference
caused by electricity or magnetic fields (Disc mechanism, Analog
audio, Power Supply, Indicator, and Core processing block)
• New servo circuit, to reduce moving noise of pickup mechanism
• Fan-less construction for noise r eduction

Ease of Use
• Quick response for disc loading and playback
(20% faster than current model)
• Quick Start mode, enables fast access to play
• Easy-to-use Multi language GUI and CD-ROM interactive manual
• User-friendly GUI
• Easy-to-use remote control
-Glow-key for cursor keys and operation keys
-Direct access for online video services
-Remote Control also controls Denon AV receiver for convenience
• New “Denon Remote App” contr ol
via 2012 new Denon networking A/V Receivers (*3)

• Denon Link HD cable included
• Gold plated HDMI cable included (HIGH SPEED HDMI TM CABLE)
• One stereo channel (2 ch) output for Multi-zone
• C4 Certified RS232C Control Capability
• Eco Stand-by mode, lower power consumption (0.3 W)
• Detachable AC cord
Versatile Disc Formats Playability
• BD-Video
• BD-R
• DVD-Video
• DVD-Audio
(Video mode, AVCHD format)
(Video mode, AVCHD format)
• Super Audio CD
• Audio CD